Saturday, November 10, 2012

Sunday Lunch Tomorrow

Nana's bringing salad, tamale soup and cornbread, and chips and queso (to be sure Jack's 15yo tummy gets full), so all we had to do to enjoy a Sunday lunch family meal table with my parents, and Liz and her girls, was clean, make tea, and set the table. Jackson blew me away, scrubbing up sticky things that weren't supposed to get spilled today, and Lib, Ru, and Ab worked double time, since Em and Baby and I had upset stomachs. She was so sweet, in between her little moaning episodes, riding in the hamper full of things we needed to carry from the main house to the guest house. What a treat to have 16 at our table tomorrow. It'll be the first time they've experienced Jack and Ab leading worship... They're in for a treat.

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