Saturday, January 19, 2013

'No sweets' no longer necessary!

I've had an obnoxiously high interest in health and fitness since I was quite young, and I've collected (literally) the world's best workout videos/DVD's from thrift stores for 20 years now, but something that my favorite tape brought to my attention recently, when the hilarious Gin Miller said it, jumped out at me as INACCURATE, when Abbie and I worked out to her tape this week.

Gin was crackin' us up with her dramatic voices, telling us how the muscles we're developing, while doing her tape, are trying to tell the fat cells to die, and she mentioned the old adage of 'no sweets' as part of that process. My metabolism is much slower at 43, with only one ovary, than it was years ago. When my dear friends, the 3 Campbell sisters, had an 'intervention' of sorts with my over-the-top-working-out (and creating chronic inflammation), way-too-raw, low-calorie/dieting self in 2007, they began a slow, de-brainwashing process I'm still in. They're teaching me about how blood sugar works, and how even my best efforts to stay trim and healthy were no longer effective, since my metabolism had slowed, from normal aging processes and hormonal changes as a result of my oopherectomy.

After 5 straight years of eating like they encouraged me to and working out in moderation, as a guinea pig for their 'Trim Healthy Mama' book, it's finally available for purchase, and my family is eating delectable, rich, low glycemic sweets and decadent foods like you wouldn't believe.
Check out their Facebook page and consider ordering their book at It debunks all of the food myths that you never quite felt right about, if you were a 'jumping from the latest health food fad to the next' type like myself, at some point in your life.

And for a sampling of ENCOURAGING ideas, go to my second baby, Emma's blog, at  

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