Saturday, May 5, 2012

Introducing Annemarie Carolyn

This 6 month old baby girl, our 9th child, is officially a lump of sugar,  We are in awe that we GET to live life with her smile-y, ticklish, lovely little self. We were so grateful to those who prayed over her with us last Monday night, as we gathered in our home to celebrate her unique destiny.
she almost got too chubby to wear this old fashioned christening dress that Abbie's godmother hand beaded 17 years ago...the buttons almost wouldn't close around her fat yiddle wrists!
our worship band: Abbie and Emma's harmonies, CJ Ruiz on guitar, and Jackson on  the drum..."He loves us! Oh, how He loves us!"
Daddy let her teethe on his clean finger when she got fussy, as the men prayed over her
Annemarie's spiritual auntie, Tia Pam Ruiz, and sweet Lucas, with her sisters Ruby and Libby on the left
big bro Jackson adores her
Ann-Marie Heilman, our dear friend, and one of the godly women who inspired her name
Marie Verkler holding her, another precious friend and virtuous woman we wanted to honor when we chose her name

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