Saturday, April 27, 2013

Ruby turned 12 this week!

We celebrated at Farley Street Park with Pizza Hut and ripsticks, skateboards, scooters, and roller skates, while Annemarie napped, and Abbie and Emma did their high school classes at home.  Ruby got the day off from school, too!  What a happy day!

This treasured little girl began her arrival into our world at bedtime on January 22, 2001, and after keeping me up all night long in labor (when it was time to push, I was begging for a nap, but was given a spoonful of honey by my midwife, Jane, instead), she finally arrived, shortly before the sun came up on January 23rd. Libby was a toddler and Jackie was so in awe of his tiny baby sister with curly strawberry blonde hair.  Abbie was in kindergarten, and Emma was spending her final days as a preschooler, enjoying living life with our dear friends in Lancaster.

I remember how she was one of those babies that needed me to bounce and rock her in a very specific way to be consoled, so we called this 'Shh, Shh, Shh' rhythmic bounce we developed just for her, 'the Ruby dance.' These past twelve years have stretched me and taught me more about Kingdom living than I could have ever known, had you not been given to me, as a gift from God designed immaculately for your mommy. It blows me away how your tenderhearted responses can calm me down in many conflictual situations where I'm experiencing anxiety from other variables. Your sweet spirit, an amazing blend of laid back in a way that's unusually thoughtful and sensitive, as well as teachable and compassionate, is life to both of your parents, and to your older sisters, especially on the stressful days of shaping you and your siblings in a Godward direction. I love you and look forward to the next 12 years with you, dearie, with joy and thanksgiving!

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