Sunday, May 5, 2013

Shane Gerald Simmons, affectionately known as 'S.J.'

Oh, happy day. We know now that this extremely active child in my womb is a boy baby.  My husband and I snuggled, giggled, and prayed for the first 36 hrs we knew his gender, deliberating over a variety of hilarious name combos. We wanted to honor several Kingdom men that have made a huge impact on our world during his gestation, but we don't GET to cram lots of names onto his birth certificate because we are, unfortunately, white- and unable to enjoy the Hispanic cultural norm of naming your baby a lot of cool names in a row (and because I grew up in San Antonio, and since this 'guera' has always wished she was Selena, I can get away with that comment 😊😊😊)

In the early months of my pregnancy with our now 18 month old Annemarie, we knew if we were carrying a boy, that we wanted to name him after his Daddy, Shane.   But since her darling little girl-y self is NOT a boy, in ANY way, shape, or form (and considering we were 'done' and had declared Annemarie the caboose), we let the idea go of having one of our children named after their daddy.

So here we are, unexpectedly expecting this strong little man inside me around September 18, and we have officially hit the halfway mark. The first half of my pregnancy was not at all uneventful, and a much loved local spiritual daddy, Gerald Parsons, has been used by the Lord as a foundational part of the glue that has held this family together for the past 20 weeks. We're feeling loosely on the other side of a a collision of life storms the enemy almost used to drive us into a non-transient division from each other, and from the Lord.  Pastor Jerry, a.k.a. "P.J.", fasted 2 WHOLE FREAKING WEEKS for a breakthrough in our darkest hour. He's supernaturally been given the ability to father my sassy, "flesh as well as Spirit-led, all in one" self, while holding my precious husband's hand to the plow, when Shane had grown weary in well doing.

We became endeared to the name "SJ" after being drawn to the little boy's character on the film "The Blind Side," and so this little man will affectionately be called "SJ," as well:
because he is "Little Shane,"or "Shane, Jr," and because it's a very similar nickname to his other namesake, PJ. 

Sweet Jackie is so happy the baby is due the day after his 16th birthday

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